A Beautiful Story

There was a young woman. She didn’t got married very early, she had waited 25 or 30 years to get married. She was a brave and a firm Christian. There was also in this city, a man whose life was far from perfect. He was still in the dance halls and other bad places. But one day, he found pardon for his sins and became a true Christian, a Christian full of firmness.

About 1 year later, he fell in love with this young woman, who herself became madly in love with him. They got married.

About 2 years later, she said one day to her husband:

“I think it must be quite difficult for you who is newly arrived Christian. I am a Christian since I was a child. But you as a new Christian, you must resist all these temptations that come from what you sinned long.”

He replied:

“Yes, it becomes a real battle.”

She told him:

“I want you to remember something. If you ever fall into sin, do not stay away from home. Come back home because here you will find the same wife that you married. I’ll help you to pray and return to God. I wouldn’t want you to leave. I have married you not for what you are, but because I love you. Whatever you do I’ll always love you.”

That day when the Man went to his work, he repeated what his wife had told him, and added this:

“How could you do something wrong in this case?”


If a woman loves his husband to the point of forgiving him everything and accepts to restart again with him… Well, multiply that love billion times and it’ll give you an idea of what the love of God is.


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