Dear You

Dear You,

            This might not be the first time for you to read or heard a letter like this, but I’m still hoping that you’ll find time to read this letter of mine. As I write this letter, I’m hoping you’re thinking of me. Time passes by, I was wondering where you have been, what is it taking us so long to find each other. I’m thinking that God might not yet done to write our love story. Would it be as romantic as just like the one I’ve watched in movies or in TV, or would it be unique, one that nobody has expected it to be? Whatever it is, I know that God made it special for us. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have you in my life. I would probably your alarm clock who would make a wake up call in the morning and your personal reminder to let you sleep ‘cause it’s already late at night or the other way around. I hope I’ll be your reason to smile each day. Hope you’ll be strong when I’m weak, to be my right when everything seems wrong. I hope you’ll be my sugar to sweeten up my day. I am wondering, when this time will would happen, I’m praying that God would help us find each other. I know that you’re all worth the wait.  Please don’t be tired, be brave and don’t give up because I’m patiently waiting here and looking forward to the day that our paths would meet. But for now, let’s have faith and trust in God. Don’t worry because I knew that He would lead me to you.   





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