He Fell For Her

I fell in love with a mature girl but a bit childlike.

She’s beautiful but still underestimates herself.

She’s like an artwork I could admire forever.

She likes wearing white and neutral colors as much as I like wearing black.

She’s not like other girls who always wear make – up and high heels.

She prefers jeans and flats.

She’s into music, movies, writing, reading stories and wearing socks.

She loves travelling. More than anything, actually. She loves travelling, movies and adventure.

She loves cooking as much as she likes eating.

She’s not your typical shy girl.

She likes being unique.

She doesn’t mind acting stupid in front of her friends.

She likes being her, the real her.

She’s innocent but deep at the same time.

She loves to dance. I love it when she does.

But I love her voice even more. Her voice is a lullaby I wouldn’t mind listening to each and every day and night.

I love her never ending corny jokes.

I love how playful she is.

I love how fun she is to be with.

I cherish every second I’m with her.

I love her more than anything. More than words can ever describe.

She’s different. And maybe that’s why he also fell for her.


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