I Was Once An Option

Remember those moments that we were so in love with each other? Do you still remember those priceless moments we’ve shared together? Where happiness, sadness and drama are all in. Those promises saying we will never leave each other no matter what happen. You treated me like I’m a real princess; you took my insecurities away and always remind me how beautiful I am. You are the sweetest man who came into my life. And for the love and care you gave to me? THAT WAS TOTALLY EVERYTHING.

Our relationship was almost perfect but suddenly… Everything went wrong, our relationship last. Our promises broke. I WAS YOUR PRINCESS but I turned to be your OPTION. I’m always there for you. I always care for you. When you’re lonely and sad. When you’re bored, I’m always there beside you.

One text, call and chat from you makes me dumb again. Even though it takes you a day or more than that to reply, it’s fine with me. Call me anytime and I will answer it. I always care for you. Then you said, you want a girl like me. Why do you have to find someone like me when I’m already here? You told me that you don’t love me anymore but I’m important to you. We’re happy when we’re together. I still feel the sparks that we both have for each other. I don’t know, maybe I just assumed things.

‘Cause if you really love me, why am I an option for you? Maybe I just made myself believe that you love me. Maybe it’s time to set myself free from your grasps. Maybe you’ll never care and notice when I’m gone, because in the first place, I’m just an option. You will always be my favorite yet the most painful story to tell.

There will be a time that I can finally say that I’m okay. I will be living independently. One day I will be fine thanking you that you became a part of my life somehow. I will be fine, eventually. I will not rush things from now on. I will not seek for love, and let love find me, a love that I deserve. I will just be here, keep breathing and living my life to the fullest.

“This is for you who was once an option, pick up your shits up and start to be the princess he once treated you. You can do it. He was just meant to leave a mark in your life but he was never meant to last. You just need to be strong. You just need to be happy even without him. The way he treated you before (like a princess), do the same thing to yourself. Be the independent one, girl. You can do it. I hope for your healing. I hope that your prince is now looking for you. But for now, love yourself with all your heart. Do not quit loving. Someone will make you believe in love again.”


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