Would You Know?

They say a father is every girl’s first love.

That it’s one of the best things in life.

You’ll argue with him,

You’ll laugh and joke with him,

You’ll give effort for him,

You’ll want to make him proud,

You’ll love him despite his strictness or kill joy moments.

And during your most heartbreaking moments, he’ll be there to protect you, to care for you, to love you.

He’ll be your other wing together with your mother.

I wonder … Is it true?

‘Cause I was curious…

Why is my first love taken away from me so fast that I couldn’t even remember how he is like?

Not even how he looks like…

How he smiles…

How he laughs…

How he talks…

How alike we are…

I always think…

Would he scold me too if I did something wrong?

Would he nag at me too if I answer back at Mom?

Would he comfort me too if I fail an exam I did study the whole night?

Would he buy me stuffs too just to make me feel better?

I also wonder …

How would he treat a guy who’s interested with me?

How would he react if someone made me cry?

Is he a cool Dad too?

That kind of dad who would be singing along with my music jams, dancing like two crazy dudes?

Is he like that Dad who’d always be beside me doing selfies?

I wonder ….

It really feels so incomplete without him beside me.

How something in my heart melts whenever I see a Daddy with her daughter…

Hearing mass together,

Going to the mall together,

Having him as her personal driver,

Supporting her during school programs,

Listening to her non – sense stories,

Being proud of her,

Watching her every step of the way…

Seeing her smile, laugh and cry.

I even wonder how would it feels like to be a Daddy’s girl.


Even though, I have a great Dad (my second dad) with me now, there are still things only a real father could do.

That’s why … up until now, I always wonder …

How does it feels like to have a real father? Would you know?

– Daughter



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