A Beautiful Story

There was a young woman. She didn’t got married very early, she had waited 25 or 30 years to get married. She was a brave and a firm Christian. There was also in this city, a man whose life was far from perfect. He was still in the dance halls and other bad places. But... Continue Reading →


Dear You

Dear You,             This might not be the first time for you to read or heard a letter like this, but I’m still hoping that you’ll find time to read this letter of mine. As I write this letter, I’m hoping you’re thinking of me. Time passes by, I was wondering where you have been,... Continue Reading →

He Fell For Her

I fell in love with a mature girl but a bit childlike. She’s beautiful but still underestimates herself. She’s like an artwork I could admire forever. She likes wearing white and neutral colors as much as I like wearing black. She’s not like other girls who always wear make – up and high heels. She... Continue Reading →

I Was Once An Option

Remember those moments that we were so in love with each other? Do you still remember those priceless moments we’ve shared together? Where happiness, sadness and drama are all in. Those promises saying we will never leave each other no matter what happen. You treated me like I’m a real princess; you took my insecurities... Continue Reading →

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